"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived" Henry David Thoreau, Walden (1854)

"Judge every day not by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you sow." - Robert Louis Stevenson

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My first blog here so I'll get right to it. First thank you for dropping by. I use to blog all the time until my computer hit the dust and time got away to get back at it. It was a long break that I missed but it was good to know that I can live like before w/out one. Now I have a laptop that is so much fun.

Let me share about me for a bit and then you can see if you want to visit again. I sure hope so.

My family and I grew up in the city, we moved often, maybe every year it seemed, many schools. So out of high school we , Dad,Mom, Sis and I moved to the sticks it was for good. NO more moving, we loved it . WE had only electric , no house, no water, only woods. We first tented and then got a small vintage trailer , sleeping quarters were tight. Sis head at my feet and my head at hers. when you had to roll over everyone rolled over. In the winter we would wrap heated bricks from the campfire to warm our feet and I guess noses to. I remember waking up to my long hair froze to the wall of the trailer.

We got tough in those days, woke up to campfire coffee and good outdoor cookin'. We needed to be cuz of the work ahead. tearing down old house to start our cabin. Haul rocks up the hill and pulled hundreds of nails. Our first real building was a two holer outhouse. Not sure why we needed two holes, never really needed or wanted company when nature called.

We put out gardens , had every kind of homestead animal and even wild critters would hang around. The cougar was a bit much but he/she went on its way. We lived the Thoreau lifestyle, simple.

Now after a few yrs in my later 20's I met my hubby coming out of the woods. We married had our three children and built an earthhome just about a half a mile as the crow flies from my first home in the woods.

Time flew fast and we now have six grand kiddies and another little blessing on the way.

Now somethings in life just make good plain sense. When dh and I got are 20 acres and built. I made a packed that I would never move,ever. Well don't ever say that cuz that is just what we did. We exchanged homes with our DD,SIL and the 5 grand kids. We needed to scale down and they needed more room.

For awhile now I have been seeing a trend for smaller homes esp. for us empty nesters . Making smaller footprints along lifes path and can see the impact we cause if we don't clean up our act. Plus simplicity sounds good to me. Even living in a tent in the woods sound good. We are pretty close to that now. We traded our 4000 sq ft home for a beat up old trailer home and lovin' every min of it. You see this home has got the biggest windows that overlook the woods and creek. It feels like i'm on a camping trip with hot showers.

I have the garden growing and even enjoying some fresh goodies. The only sounds are the creek and nature. Owls hooting evenings and mornings, wild turkey in the woods , cows mooing and coyotes yapping in the distance fields. There's no light pollution and the stars feel like you can touch them. Bluebirds and hummers and all kinds of birds. Big oak trees that line the curve driveway that looks more like a walking trail. It's wonderful.

The best part is this feels like home b/c our grand kids were here and knowing they are happy in the home that they know and love. It all just made so much sense to do.

So come along with my reads, there's lots of stuff to do. Herbs ,heirloom plants, flowers that I will be sharing about and pictures to. Our plans are to build a small cabin and on down the road a bridge over the creek into the deeper woods to build that Walden's Pond writing cabin. It will be my new Outpost.

CompostPyle is my new name, pretty fitting for an organic gardener with the last name Pyle. I'll be talkin' on that subject to. You toss in a pile of natural waste and come out with black gold that those of us who love dirt will know what I'm talkin' about.

So off to read other adventures and maybe pickup a new friend or two. Add me to your list if you like the simple things in life and share em with me. Bring along some rubber boots and we'll go walking in the creek looking for arrowheads or cool rocks, do some mushroom and foraging hunting or just hang out by the firepit and have a cup of coffee.

TC CompostPyle or you can call me linda if you like : )

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  1. Hi L., Welcome to the Blogosphere. Love your banner photo of the cabin. Thank you for your kind condolences re: my dad which you left on my blog after stumbling in. Very kind of you. I look forward to more posts about your life off the grid.


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