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"Judge every day not by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you sow." - Robert Louis Stevenson

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Winter Sowing

It starts with a nice winter day, some seeds, soil, containers and the Winter Sowing is on.  Its easy and fun to do and helps with the long winters and a great start.   I have grown hundreds of plant this way and this season I'm so excited to get started again.

First the seeds, I save many of my heirlooms but I can't resist the seeds in the store and even the cheap 20 cent paks do well.   Heres a just  few!

I have done Winter Sowing for a few years and my coffee can containers have lasted very well.  All have a number on the outside so I can keep track of whats growing each season.   I also keep a journal of the plant with number and there's a plastic label in the container too.   The label I make from cut up strips of milk jugs with permanent marker with plant info and date. 

I use potting soil but you can use soil less mixtures too.   Heres a pic on the deck, after about 3 inches of soil in container then water and let drain before adding seed.  Sprinkle some soil on top, add clear plastic with holes poked in the plastic.  Be sure container has bottom drainage holes.  Holes on bottom and on top is very important.  Your pots will be out in all the elements winter can bring so needs to have drainage from condensation,  rain, snow and protection too.

I just did 39 containers yesterday with many more to do.  Their nestled in some extra cement blocks to keep it a bit more organized and from blowing around.  They might not look pretty but come early spring and all the green tops coming up I can't think of anything more pretty.   Well I can but they do look nice : )!  

Heres a list of what I planted Saturday,

 January 15, 2014 Winter Sowing:
1-Cabbage-- Early Golden Acre
2-Onions -- Evergreen Bunching and Southport White Globe
3-Broccoli -- old seed
4-Asparagus -- old seed--Mary Washington
5-Leeks-- heirloom
7-Cherokee Purple--saved seeds -heirloom
8-Stupice--saved seeds-heirloom
10-Amish Paste-saved seeds-heirloom
11-Abe Lincoln-saved seeds-heirloom

12-Pepper- sweet bell type, Rainbow Mix
13-Joe Pye- saved seeds
14-Sweet Williams- bought and saved seeds
15-Echinacea- White Swan
16-Shasta Daisy- Alaska
17-Four O'clocks- Mixed colors
18-Canterbury Bells-
19-Columbine-Mckana's Mix
20-Liatris spicata- Blazing Star- purple

Also a shot at some Bonasi from some old seeds that were sealed very well.  This will be something new for me.
1-Fagus Sylvatica--Native Beech
2-Acer palmatum- Japanese Maple
3-Cryptomeria japonica- Japanese Cedar
4-Pinusthunbergia-Black Pine

Hope your Winter Sowing, if not I do hope you give it a try, you'll be hooked.   Below is a link to get you started and all you need to know to get you gardening in winter when the snow is flying.

Winter Sowing

Thank you for dropping by, have a great week!

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