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"Judge every day not by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you sow." - Robert Louis Stevenson

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Asking For Help Pays Off

I'm on a site that has many members from all over the world, called    Ravelry (click on).     Its a place  you can keep track of your knitting's and crochet projects, your own library , patterns , an outstanding data base and you can share and ask for help with many more features.  It is awesome.  I have already learn some new things and the one that I thought I would never understand and do is the cable stitch.  So heres 
the first attempt that had me working on  tell dawn.  I gave up and asked what was I doing wrong and in no time I had help and the answer by just a picture of what the problem was.

So heres the problem pic. The problem was the cable getting real tight. See how it is getting smaller.   If your a knitter you can see what the problem is just like a few members seen.  

After they told me I  was leaving out some rows (which I thought I was following) I finally got it quick : )  Heres the result of their help.  Now thats more like it and was so much easier to knit.  

And here is the finale project, a cabled headband.   I Can Cable Now, yahooooooo!

After sewing up the back I made my first knitted flower and added a vintage button. Its not perfect for sure so each time I'll do better on my knitting.  This was started in the evening Feb 28, and blocked it, March 1 I sewed the back up and flower.  So this is a very fast project.  Fun to do!

These will make great gifts. the next ones I'm going to work in some beads, the sky is the limit on cables.   Plans for cable socks and someday a sweater.   The pattern for this is on Ravelry (free) and was so easy to do.

Something I thought would be so hard was not at all.  Its about following the directions, having a little help to understand , I'm so very grateful for the help.   

I do hope you check out Ravelry ,, there are so many who enjoy helping and make it very easy to share.


I picked up 100 lbs of seed potatoes today , Red Pontiac and  Kennebec .  I'll be giving half of each to my dd and I'll still have a lot of taters : ).

 Bulk seed :  picked this up today as well
Sugar Snap Pea
Denver 1/2 long
Boston pickling
Red Kidney Bean
Blue Lake Bean
National Cucumber
Kandy Korn  Corn
Kentucky Wonder
Purple Top White Globe Turnip
Mammoth Sunflower

Picked up a some seed starter mix and new trays for the heirloom tomatoes and peppers to start tomorrow.

A big snow storm is heading our way, wood stove going and all hunkered down with knitting projects : )

Have a great weekend

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