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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Amish Bread / Test Bread

I made my first Amish Bread this morning after 10 days of working the starter. I was having doubts whether it's all worth it, but more so of finding enough family and friends to give this to. I crunched the #'s and it seemed like I would be making basket's full of starter and not enough people to give it to. And plus if they would take it at all.

I had visions of me standing on a street corner desperate handing out starter and people passing by not giving me eye contact. And worst people yelling out at me "make your own Bread" yikes. What was I going to do.
Also was wondering all this week , what if I wanted bread on day 5 or 6 or 7. I had to wait 10 days. What if I wanted to go on vacation what then. What if I croaked would DH work that starter in my stead :(, I seriously doubt it. What if I lost friends over this. I knew i was good with family they are stuck with me but to lose friends over Starter. All the what if's.

Then a few kind forum friends said I can freeze it, hallelujah there was an answer to all my Amish Bread woe's. Not to mention all the variations of bread I could make with this starter.

First of all I have never tasted Amish Bread, guess i lived a sheltered life. Everyone says it's wonderful. So I was excited to get this starter 10 days ago from someone I have never met. Dh brought home this ziploc bag of goo from work. I guess the wife of one of dh's coworkers was getting desperate. I might send her a thank you note that she can freeze this stuff.

My bread was cinnamon with vanilla pudding. I used only one pan , it calls for two or a bundt pan which i do not own. Also it says no metal and use wooden spoon when mixing up the last part of starter to divide in bags for friends, hum.

When we moved I forgot to get my wooden spoons. I live in the woods with no wooden spoons, hard to believe. What to do, think linda think. Stick off a tree, use my hands , really gooey. Ta-da, there it was, my plastic spaghetti thingy. The prongs really went to town on that starter and I had it whipped up in a flash.

I didn't fill it up b/c this was a test , BTW the pan I'm using was a gift from Homesteadbloggers a few years back when I was blogger of the week. I love my pan.

Almost done

Well it didn't get much higher

Here's the thing, it tasted good but it was really dense, real heavy. Is it suppose to be like that?
Now mind you it's the cook, but I didn't see the big deal with this bread from any other breads that only take a few minutes to make, like pumpkin bread and such.
The time plus so much sugar to make this starter well unless I did it wrong just doesn't measure up (that was another thing I forgot to get from our other homestead, measuring cups. DD has all my cool cooking stuff. I need to pay her a visit :)
A note on how I measured for a cup. I took the coffee pot filled with water to 4 cups, took 4 coffee cups and started pouring water in each tell they were even, then I knew how much a true cup was.
Most/all the time i just toss in and it turns out right. But this was a test bread and I wanted it to turn out right.
So I got more testing to do but I sure need to know if this is a really moist bread which i do like. But oh the time it takes.
There's another bag on the counter that is resting and tomorrow I'll work that bag of goo for ten days again. I'll try another recipe, get my measuring cups and wooden spoons and make up another batch of Amish Friendship Bread.
Let me know if you have made this. How did it turn out. Did you pass out the starter to family and friends? Did they work the stater the whole 10 days? Are they still friendly?
So back to the drawing board on my Amish Bread. Here's another thing too. Hubby, good ol hubby would have down that bread in a flash if it was right, there still some left, not a good sign : (
All have a great weekend, I'm grilling chicken breast , veggie mix and macaroni salad for din din. Dessert--- Amish Cinnamon Bread :)
Have a great weekend
Blessings linda


  1. I have been meaning to begin another starter. Have not done so in years. That loaf looks yummy, even if it is dense. Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to reading yours. So far I have enjoyed your beautiful flowers.

  2. I've never made Amish bread but I do have sourdough started in the fridge. I started it two and a half years ago and it's still going. It doesn't give bread that really sour taste you get in commercial breads but it's good to know what's in it. - Margy


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