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"Judge every day not by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you sow." - Robert Louis Stevenson

Monday, February 7, 2011

Plant Camp Monday's

Time to get the Plant Camp started up again even with 20 inches of snow on the ground and more to come this week. Oh well!

But there's lots we can do inside and get those gardens planned and those seeds ordered. So lets get down to the most important part, seeds and good seeds. If your a gardener you probably been going through the many seed catalogs and how exciting they are and we want them all, well I do : )

This year I'm getting my heirloom seeds from a new company, White Harvest Seed


Its got a good story how I got to know this company. I got an E-m from the company asking if they could use a picture of a plant I had taken from my garden a few years ago. I was so honored to be asked and of course I said yes. They were putting out this beautiful website of just what I like, heirloom seeds.

They have it all, a large variety of seeds,bookstore. They can help you with your garden set up, a beautiful blog and a featured gardener each month and much more. You go through all the seeds and add them to your wish list, I got quite a list already made and ready to order.

I had to join, and to my surprise when you speak of a small world , well it certainly is. I found out that I knew the owners grandparents from many years ago. They owned an apple orchard and I knew I would be doing business with a very good family. I was so happy to find this all out.

If not all that being a wonderful company to order from I was asked and honored to be this months feature gardener, http://whiteharvestseed.com/special-programs/featured-gardener.html. WOW , They made simple ol me look pretty darn good except for that goofy picture of me , but unfortunately its my best :/

Check out other featured gardeners, very inspiring. Also if your featured you get a certificate for seeds. So if you or know someone is a gardener let them know.

I have White Harvest Seed Company button on the left hand side of my blog page, so go and really enjoy a good company and check out their blog, well worth it.

Heres just a small list of the heirloom tomato seeds I have in the wish list that I'll be ordering, oh theres so many seeds they have listed.

Powers Heirloom
TomatoRed Cherry - Large
Blondkopfchen (Little Blonde Girl), My little granddaughters will like this one
Hungarian Heart
Aunt Ruby's German Green Tomato.

Along with the heirloom seeds I saved from last year , it doesn't look like i'm going to scale down on my tomatoes, no way!

I'll share next Plant Camp of the other goodies I have in my wish list from White Harvest Seed, I highly recommend for your choice of heirloom seeds. Check em out.

So get those seeds and get ready for gardening, its going to be a good year : )

Happy Gardening and thank you for stopping by.

tc linda


  1. What a neat post, Linda. I will have to show this to my husband (the macho logger tree farmer) who just got one of the wishes of his heart: an 8 x 12 greenhouse. He would love to have a catalog and seeds from this company - thanks for sharing! There's a pic of the greenhouse on my blog (recent post): http://www.mysouthernheart.com


  2. Dianne, I would be a happy camper to with that Ghouse, wow. I'm enjoying your lovely blog pages, recipes too. I left a comment on the happy camper post. That's a good size GH. you'll have a ton of happy plants from that beauty.

    Thanks for the visit
    tc linda

  3. A new seed company to check out, what fun! Thank you :) . What a great story, too!

  4. Linda,
    I will certainly have to go check that out! I too can not resist wanting every plant I see :) I am so looking forward to garden time :)
    Warm wishes,
    Cary Ann

  5. I am anxiously awaiting your Weekly plant post. Love them, Linda!


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