"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived" Henry David Thoreau, Walden (1854)

"Judge every day not by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you sow." - Robert Louis Stevenson

Monday, January 10, 2011

Kayak Ice Fishing

Well I guess for some ol gals sis and I are pretty tough. Well sort of. On Dec 30, 2010 we took our kayaks out on our last fishing trip of the year. It was a beautiful day, warm even, so we thought we would not have any problems with the lake being iced up. Wrong O.

When we got to the lake we just stared and wonder if kayak sledding was in store instead : )

Looks like someone else must of wanted to go fishing to cuz they tossed in a few big rocks to see how thick that ice was, and also tossed in their cigarette butts (bottom of pic) gave up and went home. But we stayed , oh are we tough gals, our Mom calls it nutting ol women :/

Over at the launching area it was iced over but along the edge there was an opening, yeah!

So loaded up and ready to go

Most the ice I had to break with my paddle, even tossed in my anchor and draw it back in, some ice I was able to paddle through. Go nutty women , i'm mov'n now!

As the morning grew warmer the lake would open more areas to fish in so we got a good spot to throw in our lines. Notice the line of ice, this is where sis caught an ice fish, yep she reeled in her line and a chuck of ice shape like a fish was on her hook . I should have took a pic , it was a catch and release.

We didn't use live bait but I used a Christmas gift from sis, this little rubber fish lure is almost to cute to fish with but I gave it a shot, no bites

In fact no fish or bites at all, but I got to do some ice fishing. After all these years of talking about breaking ice and fishing I did it ;).

Toward the end of trip we were able to be out in the middle of the lake and the wind was up, there was even white caps and getting colder. We had a good work out getting back to shore paddling against the wind but we made it.

We got back to shore loaded up our yaks and ate cheese and Ritz's crackers in the heated truck. Did I say we were tough :/.

I stored my kayak for the winter and quite satisfied with watching kayak fishing on Dish Network and waiting for the nice spring days that fishing will begin for us again. Unless we get a wild hair to give it another try but I think we are good to go and will wait. The thing is I/we did it.

I like to make this New Year a year of doing things I talk about doing, take on those challenges that I set up for myself. Oh they may be little simple challenges in the big picture of things but if it gets me out and about I think it will be good for body and soul. Have you heard the saying "Move least ye rust". Well winter can do that to ya, its hard to get out in that cold, easy to stay by the fire and drink hot cocoa, watch a movie or play on the computer.

So I'm looking out the window as the snow is falling in the woods and thinking about snow camping, well I make that debris hut that I tried a couple of years ago and really sleep in it, maybe make a igloo quinzee, snow shelter and spend the night in it. Well the snow be deep enough, will I give it another shot! Well I cook again in the snow using the Dutch Ovens and make some camp coffee. Go for a hike and check out tracks in the snow.

These are things I like/want to do but right now I'm warm , I can see far into the woods and watch for wildlife, they can't see or smell me and may come up close to the cabin. The birds are gathering from plants in the woods and from plants in my garden. When the snow quits I'll toss out the bird seed and fill up the bird feeders. I only think of going out in the snow for now.

When I bundled up I'll take some pictures of our snow in the woods. The next few months will be a black and white look for awhile outside , maybe a glow of a firepit for a splash of color. A fuzzy red squirrel running up a tree. The brown colors of split wood and the green wagon I pull the wood in. Many arm loads a day into the cabin for wonderful heat.

The color inside the cabin are many with warm throws, the fire going, the looks of hot veggie soup and homemade bread and soft yellow butter. Drinking a cup of amber color hot tea over a spread of colorful seed catalogs and hopes of spring someday with all the beauty it brings and gardening.

I love these days where I can reflect, pray , hope , grow and most important love.

The snow is still falling and there's more wood to bring in. But before I head out, theres a seed company that i'll be featuring this month, I have a list of wish seeds that i'll be ordering from them. So stay tune soon for my next blog , I'll share which seeds I'll be planting . Time for getting set up for starting those seeds next month, winter sowing and getting Plant Camp started up again too!

Have a wonderful blessed week.

Thank you for stopping by.

tc linda


  1. Looks like a fun but very cold fishing trip :) I bet come Spring you and sis will be wearing those fish out there. Looks like a great spot to fish.I liked your thoughts to do new things this year.It is good for the spirit to be in touch with nature and the beauty around you.I shutter to think that these beauties might not be here for my grandchildren. They seem to be fading so fast being filled up by developments and fast-paced lifestyles.So sad indeed.Hope you enjoy all that snow you're getting. Maybe you can make you a big bowl of snow cream :) Stay warm and cozy dear friend.Look forward to your next post ~Cary Ann

  2. I love to read about your "tough Gals" adventures always seems like such fun. I bet you are real thankful for you sis. I would like to have some adventures with my family this year and truly enjoy all that God has given us. Look forward to your plant camp.


  3. Oh what everlovin' fun! I don't think you girls are "nutty" at all but brave! I always enjoy your stories...


  4. Linda,
    Your description of your day is so inviting! Makes one actually believe winter is wonderful! Perhaps I should explain - I grew up in the South and winter was always warm. I longed for snow and God gave it to me up in the CA mountains. Now I've had my fill of short days and cold! The sun isn't up until 8:30 and it's down before 3:00. By spring, I have SAD (seasonal affective disorder)! BUT...

    I've also hunkered down in the house and not gotten out enough. This Christmas, I decided enough was enough and I had to get outdoors. So I took the dog and started walking (usually I only do this in the warm weather). It's been glorious! I even bought a pair of stabli-icers so that I can walk in snow and ice. Just being outside and soaking up the little sun that we have has changed my whole attitude about winter. I'm actually starting to like it and it doesn't seem quite so long this year. Your ice fishing has inspired me to find other things outdoors despite the cold.

    Thanks for adding my Homestead Revival™ button to your blog!

  5. Excellant adventure. I have the same lure. it works on Trout and big bass.

    I love my kayak and love fishing, but the ice is thick and the air is so cold it hurts the lungs. Today we are getting 30 inches of snow in this blizzard, so I might use my kayak as a sled to slide down the hills to get to my cows.

    I am counting the days until trout season opens April 15th.

    Come visit:


  6. Thank you everyone for dropping by and commenting. Theres so many interesting blogs to read and learn from plus all those great pictures you all share.

    See ya soon

    tc linda

  7. Linda, you gals are so brave. I love to fish, but ice fishing has always terrified me. Guess I am a land lover all the way. Looks like you had a lot of cold (brrrr) fun. So what's on for next years adventure?


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