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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yak Sisters Adventure

That’s what sis and I call ourself , the Yak Sisters. True we yak alot but we do it now in our kayaks, well until we settle down to serious fishing that is.

We always fished growing up, Mom and Dad even wanted to live on a river boat, we be call’n ourself river rats I specd. But I’m glad they took to the land instead cuz we now can have both.

How in the world did we get into kayaking!!!! When I think of that word I thing of White Water, tipping over and staying under while my head is beating on rocks and boulders. But little did I know this is a growing sport in fishing from a kayak, The Kayak Anglers. That was for us.

We were looking for something we could pick up and go. First it was a canoe but sis would have no doings with me and her in a canoe, here’s why. DH and I took floats trips with the kids all the time. I was always on the front rowing and hubby in the back. We did good. So the first time that sis floated her and I went together, I took the back and she the front. OH boy was that mistake.
We went from bank to bank all down the river. It was wearing me out. I told her to row harder or well be here forever,( I didn’t know that my hubby was the one who really got us down those rivers). Well it kept up and finally the motion put me to sleep , thats right I fell asleep at my post ,couldn’t help. It was a drool on your pillow type of deep sleep. I was gone.

Sis looked back and yell “What Are You Doing. I woke up fast , wiped the slobber from my face and back to rowing. I never heard the last of that and we now have our own vessels to row : )

When we bought our kayaks we decided to get the same ones so we won’t say mine is better then yours kind of thing. I didn’t think we were going to look like bobbies twins going down the lake or river. Sis got us both camo t-shirts and matching visors.
Our yaks are green and last weekend when we were out on the lake coming in a women on the dock said we look like turtles on a log, I thought she said turds on a log : (. I guess its better to look like turtles.
We tried our kayaks on our friends pond first and did some fishing, we caught 80+ fish in a couple of days and had a blast. We were ready for the big time stuff now, off to the lake.
We've been decking our yaks out , accessorize they call it, its really more run dressing these Yaks cuz every thing fits. Not like that 2 size smaller dress one would like to buy :/ Heres a pic of my yak all deck out for fishing, we haven’t got kayak paddles yet but this little adjustable one is great for getting into coves on the lake.

We we told each other , Lets Look Professional, like we know what were doing. All was good , we carried our kayaks out of the truck at the lake, all eyes were on us now, we placed our rods, and did little prepping for launching, hit the restroom, I hate that part cuz you know ppl are looking at ya, Hoping there was toilet paper in that concrete outhouse.

Ok sis is pulling her boat out to the ramp and looking good at this point until she hits the water and wham she slips big time , legs and all in the water, I’m shocked and everyone has their mouth open , I know this cuz I’m looking at everyone now, sis is still flipping and I just can’t move. Wheres the professionalism here? What is she doing? What now? What seem like hours was really seconds and I pushed the boat so she could grab the handle. If I tried to grab her by hand I would have met her fate. After all she wasn’t in much more then knee deep water , just couldn’t get up. I couldn’t dive for her , water just wasn’t deep enough.

So we went fishing anyways the dry turtle and the wet turtle, nobody yaked and we caught no fish. We sat out on that lake tell dark and nobody on the lake, sis was to embarrassed to go in. In silence , in my mind “professional alright”!

The next week we did better but the tables turned and it was my turn to look professional. I was heading in and I had one foot on the shore and the other still in the yak. My rubber cheap knock off croc came off and while I was trying to retrieve it I did what looked/felt like the splits. Sis asked what in the world was I doing? Brushing up on my ballet!

In those kind of moments of trying to look cool and miss way out on left field, you just keep head down, focus on what your doing and row like heck away from the crowd. In my case run to the bath room , head still down then back on board and row like heck. We stayed out late in the dark again.

We are having a blast with our new adventure. I mean sis and I a couple of years ago was excited about collecting buttons and every Friday we would have a button exchange. We figure our kayaking was a cheaper sport. Not much makes us happy. We sometime get along like a burn’n house but now we have the lake to hose us down : )

We even got Mom who will be 84 yrs in a few days out on the yak at the pond, she yaked all over. Our kayaks are really hard to tip over , just got to be careful on slippy rocks and such getting in and out.

Heres sis on her yak, we have big life jackets that we are planning on replacing for kayak vest, much more comfortable and don’t hit you in the chin like these do. (could be why we looked like turtles) We found out we don’t need to wear them just have a vest in the boat. Both of us can swim but when the water is really choppy its good to wear them.
Sis is my best friend and the best kind of person you could ever meet. She has survived cancer, I shaved her head when her hair was falling out and she has up lifted many cancer patients. She and her hubby have no children but she is a great aunt/mom to mine. Sis is as real as a person can get and I love her so.

Here I am , we fish on a 71 acre lake that is really close to were we, hubby and I live, just a
couple of bends and hills over.

Theres a little island on the lake that we plan to have our lunch there, my foot is in the way. After I took the picture I fell asleep , the peacefulness of the water put me down in lala land again. I just had a cola and I should have been rowing all over the place, oh well nap time. Sis shaking her head, real professional!

Theres huge lily pads on the lake and one could use as a table for lunch , play cards , board games, they are big

We are planning another fishing this weekend at the lake, but also looking into taking a river trip and camp over night on the river. Theres lots of room yaks to hold camping gear, tents, food, and cooler. That would be so fun to do that.
So the Yak Sisters will be off for more adventures , Thanks for dropping by. Hope I got you interested in getting into kayaking. I kinda thinking of a women’s yak club would be fun to start.
Theres a big group called the “Sisters On the Fly”, sis and I talk of joining on down the road. This group goes all over fly fishing, float trips,hiking and they do it all by pulling vintage trailers to their camp. They kiss their hubbies good by for a couple of weeks and take out for an adventure. Check em out on the net.
All take good care


  1. What a special time with your sister. What a blessing it is that you have such a great relationship with one another. Looks so beautiful there, and peaceful.


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